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Why Trade In Your Car to Spokane Hyundai?

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When you’re ready to get another car, how much your current car would take off from the price of your new car is a big deal. However, choosing the right dealership matters, as not all of them will offer a fair market value for your car. You can use our trade-in value calculator tool to see what we’ll pay at Spokane Hyundai, with no surprises or fine print. Here’s everything else that you need to know.

You may wonder about the advantages of trading in your car. We can tell you that it goes beyond simply reducing the total amount that you have to pay for the car you’re buying. There are several advantages to trading in your automobile, including:

Faster Than Private Sales

Selling an automobile privately can be a lengthy procedure. You’ll have to promote your car’s listing, demonstrate it to prospective buyers, let them test drive it, barter for a decent price, and handle the necessary documentation. What’s worse is there’s little chance you’ll get the true market value for your vehicle, as private sellers can have any level of automotive knowledge.

Simpler Process With More Savings

Trading in with a dealer helps you to afford a new Hyundai or more recent pre-owned model by reducing the price that you owe on that upgrade. In contrast, when you sell your automobile first because you’re buying another car from elsewhere, you won’t gain any of the potential discounts that you would get from selling and buying at the same location.

You might be tempted to sell your car early to get the most value from it. However, if you sell your car before you’re ready to buy your next one, you’re left without a vehicle, and unexpected circumstances might lead you to spend some of the money you gain. When you trade in your car with us to buy one of ours, you’re making getting your next vehicle as simple as possible and unlocking the biggest Hyundai savings in Spokane Valley.

No Paperwork or Busywork

When you sell your car, there is often a pile of paperwork to get through, especially if the vehicle is registered in a different state. At Spokane Hyundai, we take care of all the ownership transfer paperwork for trading in your old car and will quickly answer your questions.

Pay Less Sales Tax

By turning in your old automobile to a dealer, you will pay less sales tax on the new car. For example, the total amount that is due in taxes for a purchased automobile is 6.8% in Washington State. This means that if you bought a car worth $50,000, you’d owe $3,400 in taxes. However, if you traded in a car that’s worth $25,000, it would cancel out half of the new car’s price, and you’d also cut your tax requirement in half to $1,700.

Get the Most Out of Your Trade-In

To get the best possible payment for your car, follow these procedures before bringing your automobile to our dealership:

Check What Your Car Is Worth Online

When selling your car, the biggest mistake that you could make is going directly to the place where you want to sell it without getting an estimate of its value first. All it takes to know for sure is our handy form on this page — it couldn’t be simpler. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a dependable estimate that will protect you from underpricing scams.

Take Care of Any Mechanical Problems

Although most dealerships offer a trade-in estimate form, the final payment figure for your vehicle depends on an inspection to confirm its condition. Even if you aren’t aware of any obvious problems with your engine or any other major mechanical parts, slight issues could be a cause for greater concerns that may reduce your final trade-in price. For instance, if there is a warning light on the dash, such as a check engine light, the dealership will usually want to investigate it.

Make Sure Your Car Looks Its Best

It’s a simple truth that clean and nice-looking cars sell sooner and for more money. You’d be surprised how much more you could get at signing when your vehicle is spotless inside and out. Like staging a home for sale, removing any clutter or junk and scrubbing stains out of carpets will add up.

Can You Trade In Your Car if You Still Owe Payments on It?

Yes — you can trade in your car even if you haven’t paid it off yet, although how it works will depend on your equity versus your remaining balance. If the amount that you have left to pay is greater than what your vehicle is worth, you are in a position known as “underwater” or “upside down.” You’ll need to pay the difference after using your trade-in value against the remaining balance. You could pay with cash, another loan, or by rolling your financing into your next car’s loan.

However, if you have positive equity between your car’s value and the remaining loan balance, you can use the difference as extra credit toward the purchase of your new Hyundai or another vehicle. Feel free to contact our financing department with any questions.

Use Our Trade-In Tool To Find the Value of Your Vehicle

Our trade-in value tool uses Kelley Blue Book (KBB), which is a renowned authority on new and pre-owned car sales across the country. All you have to do is enter your car’s make, model, year, and style to start the process. In the following brief sections, describe your vehicle as thoroughly and accurately as possible to make sure that no factors are missed. From there, our KBB tool will give you a reliable market price for your car.

Once you’re ready to sell your car and get a new one, Spokane Hyundai is the easy first choice. We have an extensive inventory of new and pre-owned Hyundai specials, as well as certified pre-owned models and used vehicles by other automakers. Our financing team will qualify you for an affordable auto loan in seconds, and our service department will help you look after your car, truck, or SUV. We’re proud to make every part of buying and owning a Hyundai easy and fun, so give us a call or visit us today.