Why Transmissions Service is Needed

It’s no secret that your automobile has a lot of moving parts that depend on each other. If something goes wrong in one area, like the transmission, it can lead to other costly repair work if ignored. That is why timely professional automobile maintenance is so important. Taking your car to service appointments according to the user manual helps guarantee that all of the components are in good working order.

Transmission service is one of the more significant maintenance tasks for a Hyundai. Here’s a quick rundown of why you should get transmission services at Spokane Hyundai, along with everything else you’ll need to know.

Why Transmission Service Is Needed

The transmission system is just as critical to a healthy engine as the oil. Transmissions are responsible for turning the combustion energy of your engine and fuel into physical motion. Similar to how the oil keeps the parts of an engine lubricated and protected against excess heat, the transmission has fluid that performs the same role for its moving parts.

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid should be replaced anywhere from every 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Failure to change transmission fluid soon enough might result in harm to the vehicle’s other components or subpar performance.

What Actually Is a Transmission Service Job?

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When you get transmission service from a professional technician like those at Spokane Hyundai, a cleaning solution is usually added to the transmission fluid system. Then, you or a team member drives the car for a few minutes to dissolve the varnish and sludge that has built up. The old transmission fluid, as well as the varnish and sludge, are then thoroughly removed and replaced with fresh premium transmission fluid and conditioner.

You could also get a comprehensive transmission service, which includes inspecting the sump pump or pan (if feasible), replacing or cleaning the filter, cleaning the pan, and replacing the pan gasket. These tasks should all be handled quickly and performed with professional equipment.

How Often Should You Get Transmission Fluid Replacement?

Internal combustion engines are designed to not need transmission fluid replacement very often, but it shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten. The average car is safe to replace transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Be sure to consult your owners handbook for factory-recommended transmission fluid changes.

Without regular maintenance, a transmission could overheat, leading to critical repairs or an entire replacement. Over years of driving, microscopic particles such as metal shavings become trapped or build up in the transmission fluid. As it goes through cogs and gears, it becomes thicker and less efficient at lubricating the metal components. Even if a transmission service is only required every few years, it helps avoid more expensive repair work down the line.

Signs You Need Transmission Service

  • Trouble shifting gears.
  • Gears slipping.
  • Transmission fluid leaking.
  • Check engine light.
  • Unusual sounds or sensations while driving, like whining or clanking.
  • Any type of unusual odor while driving.

These all could be signs that your vehicle’s transmission is not functioning properly, which should be addressed at a Spokane auto service center immediately.

Why You Should Get Transmission Services at Spokane Hyundai

Our local service center can take all the common fears and headaches out of car care. You can get the best deals and most reliable service by taking your Hyundai to an actual Hyundai dealership over a generic business. We offer complete, convenient Hyundai service using high-quality genuine Hyundai parts.

We recognize that when you need your car services, you don’t want to have to take it back anytime soon. Spokane Hyundai can help keep your experience as a Hyundai driver fun and safe. Our service is timely, friendly, and dependable. We also make it easy to pay over time if you need a series of service tasks done at once.

Types of Transmission Fluid Changes at Spokane Hyundai

When you book an appointment or visit our service center, we’ll begin by getting the history of your vehicle and then briefly test driving it to get a sense of the transmission’s health. From there, what we do depends on what your Hyundai needs. Here are three general types of transmission fluid change services and how they differ.

Transmission Fluid Service

With this task, the transmission is checked for leaks and the sump pan and filter are removed if applicable. Anything removed or emptied is inspected for potential damage or other issues. Then, everything is cleaned, filters and gaskets are replaced, and the pan is reinstalled if it was removed. New fluid is added to compensate for the fluid lost during the earlier process. Approximately 4 to 6 quarts of transmission fluid are replaced by the time the job is done.

Transmission Fluid Flush

A transmission flush is similar to regular service, but 100% of the fluid is replaced by the end. A cleaning solution may be added to the old fluid before it gets flushed out. This service usually does not involve pan removal or inspection, and the filter isn’t replaced, but it’s a very quick and effective standard for maintaining your Hyundai’s transmission.

Transmission Fluid Total Flush

An alternative to the two procedures above, a transmission total flush combines the benefits of a flush and service. A technician removes the filter and inserts an adaptor. The pan is also removed, and the dirty fluid pours out into a catch basin to discard. Then a new filter and pan gasket are added if needed, the pan is cleaned, everything is reinstalled, and the transmission is refilled completely with all-new fluid.

All three of these tasks will help refresh your transmission fluid and preserve the shifting components. After any of these transmission services, our technician will usually test drive the vehicle one more time to be certain everything is working properly. Then, we hand it back to you and you get to enjoy an optimized performance.

You can count on our experts to keep your Hyundai transmission working smoothly. Feel free to book a service appointment and get a full diagnostic of your Hyundai’s condition. You’ll know what pressing matters should be fixed and how to save on auto service in Spokane.