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Your Hyundai’s Battery Is Essential in Getting You Where You Need To Go.

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Your vehicle’s battery is the heart of your vehicle and this is becoming more evident as vehicles become more complex and reliant upon computers. Keeping your battery in top shape and prolonging its life will help ensure it provides the zap to your Hyundai’s zip! Battery wear and tear takes on familiar characteristics and must be observed so as to avoid larger issues emerging. Contact Spokane Hyundai if you require a new battery or need your existing battery serviced.

Signs You May Need a New Battery

Slow Engine Crank

When you start your car, does it take longer than it previously did for the engine to “turn over”? This may be due to a degraded battery not supplying enough power to the alternator to start the engine with the immediacy as it did when new. The battery may likely be the culprit if it is more than 4-5 years old. Batteries older than this start to become completely unreliable.

Check Engine Light/ Battery Leak/ Low Fluid

The check engine light often comes on when the battery is supplying less power than before. The engine light should never be ignored and battery power levels can be observed by the owner through the leaking of battery fluid or low levels of fluid. If there is a build-up of residue and corrosion around the battery posts (where the + and – connections are) the car may struggle to start. Fluid levels can be checked through the clear part of the battery casing; if the level is below the lead casing, it is time to have the battery system tested. In any case, it is advisable to have a Hyundai service technician perform a diagnostic test when the check engine light appears.

Tips to Maximize Your Battery’s Health

Don’t Overtax Your Battery: Avoid using power while the engine is off to ensure your battery maintains a full charge. Many after-market plug-in devices may continually tax your battery even when your car is not running.
Drive Smarter: The vehicle charging system is maximized when the vehicle is decelerating and coasting. Leave room between you and the car you are following in city driving. Avoid abrupt stopping and accelerating. You may even save some gas too!
Regular Maintenance: Battery performance can be impacted by corrosion, loose connections, dirt, grease buildup on the battery, and more. Many of these conditions can be prevented by routine battery inspections and maintenance. Early detection of potential issues saves you time and money.

Spokane Hyundai Battery Service

Not all batteries are created equal for every car. Your Hyundai was designed to optimally function with specific batteries and our Hyundai technicians have been specially trained to diagnose any battery problems and either repair the existing battery or replace it with the exact battery your Hyundai needs. If it has been more than 4-5 years or you are experiencing telltale signs of battery degradation, make an appointment with the Spokane Hyundai service center and we will make sure the heart of your Hyundai will be as good as new!

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