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Your Hyundai Brake Specialists

Brakes are the safety mechanism on your vehicle that you most control; whether you need to stop quickly or glide to a stop, your foot determines the stopping power. In order for your direct input to function properly however, your brakes need to be in optimal working condition. As a driver, you need to know that your brakes will respond when you most need them to. Spokane Hyundai is your Hyundai brake specialist, with factory-trained technicians able to calibrate your brake system to exact specifications to make your vehicle perform like new. Contact us for an appointment if you feel you might need your brakes looked at and our technicians will give you options that work best for you.

When Should I Get the Brakes On My Hyundai Checked?

Once a Year or Every 20,000km

If it has been over a year or 20,000km since your last check, or you are past the recommended kilometers since your last brake fluid check, it is time to get a pre-emptive brake check. Even if there are no other warning signs, a brake check will be able to tell the owner whether there is unusual wear and tear or developing issues related to your brakes. 

The Brake Pedal Seems Loose and/ or Requires More Pressure

Brakes have more natural wear on them than perhaps any part of a car. Every time you brake your vehicle, the rotor pad is faced with immense friction as it stops the wheel. Over time these pads will wear down and you will need to apply ever greater force to the brake pedal to stop your vehicle. If you notice this phenomenon, make an appointment with your Spokane Hyundai brake specialist as soon as possible.

Unusual Vibrations or Noises During Braking

If you car shudders when you apply the brakes or you hear audible squeaks or other noises coming from the brakes, this is a signal the rotor pads or calipers need replacing, fixing or fluid added. Make an appointment with the Spokane Hyundai service centre and our factory trained technicians can diagnose the problem and present you with the most effective options to get your vehicle functioning properly.

Spokane Hyundai Brake Service

The factory-trained technicians at Spokane Hyundai are specially trained in Hyundai parts and service to ensure your vehicle operates as new. Our brake technicians will accurately and expertly assess any issue with the brakes on your Hyundai and prescribe the most efficient solutions for the brake problems on your vehicle. Let Spokane Hyundai help stop your vehicle in its tracks!